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Generate your microdata snippets and embed them in your website. The site is not yet fully completed, but you can generate some snippets at this current time. I will try to add more snippets in the near future.

If you have special wishes for me to add, or you have comments or tips for, don't hessitate to contact me by mail. You can also give comments in the comment section below.

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05-05-13: Event snippet online!
05-01-13: Simple Organization rating snippet online!
02-04-13: minor adjustments in slider and snippets
02-04-13: We are back alive! Updating snippets soon!
08-06-12: Comment section homepage added
08-06-12: simple version person snippet complete
08-02-12: Added donate button to maintain generator
07-31-12: simple version product snippet complete
07-30-12: first price snippet complete
07-27-12: first Organization snippet complete

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